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  • February 3-5, 2022 

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Summit Fest Live!

Summit Fest Live 2021 was an amazing event, and so many of you who joined us have already multiplied your results. 


But we have even bigger things planned for 2022, including a massive party you won't want to miss...


And a ton of new tools and resources to help you grow your summit & your business. 


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Get Live Streamed Access From Orlando, Florida In REAL Time Direct To Your Computer

We have decided to do something AMAZING. Something different!  Something awesome!  We decided to: Let You CHOOSE!


Want to join us in person? Or watch from the comfort of your home? It's your choice!


The Speakers & Staff will be streaming LIVE from ORLANDO, FLORIDA and we will invite a small group of SUPER VIP Attendees (limited number available) while the rest of our amazing attendees get to participate with an interactive experience from the comfort of their homes

  • All Live, All From Orlando, Florida where we are bringing you the conference direct to your computer.

  • You choose, join us in person with a SUPER VIP Ticket or participate interactively from your home. All the same amazingness, no need for the travel.

Strategic Implementation

There is 100% NO PITCHING at SFL.  Every speaker is prepped to deliver you an implementable strategy that you can immediately use in your next virtual event to increase your success.  The information is not hypothetical or theoretical, it’s 100% tactical and implementable to be used immediately in your first or next virtual event/summit.

Community & Network

In addition to strategy you will leave with new connections.  A new network of successful virtual event & summit hosts to tap into for help and guidance. Never have to go it alone again.  Our goal is to help connect you with a community and network in this space to allow you to connect with those who have knowledge, wisdom and resources to help you create successful virtual events.  

Memorable Experience

Get strategy, build your network and have FUN in the process.  We will provide fun experiences both in person and virtually for attendees and speakers to enjoy their time while increasing their knowledge and success. You will walk away with exact strategies to improve your virtual event, a new network of amazing Virtual Event/Summit hosts, a community to belong to and an incredible experience that will stay with you long after the event ends. 

Summit Fest Live

Hybrid Sessions - In Person & Virtual Experience

Learn exactly what you need to know to take your first or next virtual summit/event to the next level from experts who've rocked their own events! Participate in person or from the comfort of your own home. 

Strategies That Are Working NOW!

Learn from the most successful summit coaches, consultants and hosts who have built successful businesses using virtual summits.

  • Featured Keynotes

    Tactical Implementable teaching sessions!

  • Interactive Workshops

    Walk Away With DONE, Ready To Implement Strategies

  • Roundtables, Panels, Chats & Hot Seats

    This is NOT a sit back and get "talked" to event. This is an interactive, back and forth, talk with the experts and get specific insights into your business & your current needs. 

Special Learning Tracks


What if you could crowdsource all the knowledge you needed to improve your virtual event.  What if you could tap into the experience of those who have already learned through trial and error.  What if you could hear specific tactics to get exact outcomes on certain areas of your virtual event. 

That is exactly what Summit Fest Live is designed to do.  To bring the most relevant, the most up to date information on all aspects of Virtual Events/Summits to you, so you don’t have to guess or figure it out on your own.

  • Track One

    Virtual Summit Hosts

    Learn for Virtual Summit Coaches, producers and experts as they teach you implementable strategies to host a successful virtual summit.   Virtual Summits are an event hosted with a variety of speakers over a period of time virtually, that is free to attend, with the primary objective of building an audience. 

  • Track Two

    Virtual Event Hosts

    Learn about Live Stream Conferences, Challenges, Hybrid Summits, Virtual Workshops, Masterminds, and more!   Real Virtual Event Experts sharing what is working now and how to get success on your next virtual event. 

  • Speciality Track

    Virtual Summit/Event Agencies & Producers

    Do you produce & create virtual summits or events for clients? Tap into other virtual event agencies and get top strategies to improve client relationships, more profitability, improved recruitment strategies and so much more.

2021's Speakers Include:

We're bringing these hosts back, whatever it takes...
and adding even more amazing speakers for 2022!

Virtual Event & Summit Hosts


– Virtual Summit & Event Host

More than 1,000 Interviews recorded, more 30 successful virtual summits generating over $1 Million Dollars in overall revenue.  Most recent Live Streamed Conference generated $150,000 in revenue.


– Virtual Summit Host

Host of Influence & Impact Virtual Summit, Co-Host Futurecast 2020 with more than 14,000 live views, 1,547 purchases. 


– Virtual Event & Summit Host

Virtual Summit & Event host creating mega successful virtual events. 


– Virtual Summit Host

Host of the MEGA Virtual Summit: Online Course Success Summit & Sponsorship Ninja



– Virtual Summit Host

3 Time Virtual Summit Host with several MEGA Summit Successes.


– Virtual Summit Host

Has hosted Six figure summits, live streamed summits, premium summits and everything in between.  Hosting summits for 4+ years.


– Virtual Event Host

Has Hosted a 500+ registered virtual event called SHIFT plus multiple virtual summits over the past 5 years.


– Virtual Summit Marketing Agency

Has created several successful summits, and using paid traffic and evergreen marketing strategies has generated over 100,000 attendees. 


– Virtual Event DJ & Sound Specialist

Sammy is a 20 year veteran to the world of entertainment. A world-touring DJ, Guitarist, Emcee, and Singer-Songwriter, Sammy is most known for his work as the headline entertainment for elite entrepreneurial Virtual & In person conferences and festivals.


– Virtual Mastermind Host

Host of Multiple Virtual Masterminds, speaker at Summit Talks Summit and Sponsorship specialist. 


– Virtual Experience Creator - Agency

Managed over 300 virtual events for more than 10,000 people since March 2020. Creating Virtual experience from bingo, trivia, murder mysteries to virtual beer, whiskey or food tastings & more.


– Virtual Event Strategist & Producer

Creating Multiple Client Virtual Events + 2 Epic Online Experiences Virtual Summits


– Virtual Summit Host

Host of the Women's Womb Healing Summit. 


– Virtual Challenge Event Host

Host of the internationally proclaimed World Wide Dance Challenge and the host of Creating Your Big Break Virtual Summit


– Hybrid Virtual Event Host

Host of the Thought Leadership Summit Virtual Summit and Hybrid Event Host 


– Virtual Summit Host

Host of the Virtual Keto Summit


– Virtual Summit Host

Serial Summit host with multiple summits in a variety of industry and niches. 


– Virtual Events Legal Specialist

Attorney helping Virtual Event hosts establish basic legal foundations to protect their events, freeing them to create, collaborate and scale.


– Virtual Summit Agency

Producer of virtual summits and tactically creates impactful content that changes how business is marketed


– Virtual Event Host

Two time virtual summit host and Hybrid Virtual Event Host


– Virtual Summit Host

Spectacular Story Telling for Virtual Events as an art form


– Virtual Summit Host

Host of the Talent Development Virtual Summit 


– Virtual Summit Host

Host of the Power Of Mindset Virtual Summit


– Virtual Summit Producer

Created multiple successful virtual summits and now produces virtual summits for clients.


– Virtual Event Production Agency

Darin Adams is an award-winning communication and marketing expert who has coached thousands of businesses how to build connections with their audiences. He wants to show you how you can get organized, get customers, and get paid.


– Summit Strategist

Key member of the Viral Summits Concierge, which is a multi six figure agency creating Virtual Summits that matter!


– Speaker Concierge

Key member of the Viral Summits Concierge, which is a multi six figure agency creating Virtual Summits that matter!


– Community Manager

Key member of the Viral Summits Concierge, which is a multi six figure agency creating Virtual Summits that matter!

Meet Your Host

Dr. Mark T. Wade

Virtual Event Expert

Creator of the One-Day Summit, Founder of Virtual Summits Software and CEO of Viral Summits Concierge a multi-six figure agency Dr. Mark T Wade is considered a visionary in the Virtual Summits Industry. 

Host of the top rated Virtual Summit Podcast & the host of Summit FEST Live in Orlando, Florida, Along with his company Virtual Swag Bag (Physical Swag for your Virtual Events) Dr. Mark's vision is to help bring together aspiring Virtual Event hosts with experts in the industry!  

Dr. Mark went from brick & mortar business to multi-million dollar online empire using Virtual Summits.  With more than six years in the industry, hosting more than 40+ virtual summits, Six-Figure Live Stream Conferences,  generating hundreds of thousands of leads, and consulting with some of the top brands, businesses and influencers on how to improve their virtual events.   

Summit Fest Live Tickets

Hybrid Ticket:

Get Your $97 Ticket Now and Save Your Spot for Either the Virtual Event or the In-Person Super VIP Ticket for 2022.  

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  • Access to the Private Attendee Community (network & collaborate. Make new connections!)

  • Virtual Summit Starter Pack

  • One Day Summit Calendar

  • 2 Virtual Experiences Included 

  • Exclusive Behind The Scenes Of Hybrid Event Set up 

  • Virtual Event Tech Checklist

  • In-Person in Orlando, Florida OR Virtual. It's up to you!

Retail $1,697

Just $97


What You Are Going To Get Out Of Summit Fest Live


Learn the top most cutting edge tactics, strategies and formulas that are working NOW with Virtual Events.


Hear how others have gone from idea to 7 figure empires using Virtual Events/Summits and how you can do it too.


Figure out how you can increase revenue to your business using virtual summits/Events regardless of where you are currently at.


Tactical step-by-step teaching sessions to show you how to implement on monday morning. Not just theory.

Topics We Covered At SFL 2021

The best most implementable strategies for your first or next virtual event/summit. 

Virtual Summit Topics

  • Michael Kilpatrick

    How To Use A Virtual Summit To Enter A New Niche

  • Dr. Krista Burns

    A yearly Summit Profitability Plan That Scales multiple six figures

  • Scott Carson

    How To Use Organic Traffic To Build Your Summit

  • Mike Broadwell

    Collaborative Strategies for Co Hosting Virtual Summits  

  • Akie Hamam

    Who to hire first and how to scale/manage your VS team all remote

  • Sean Osborn

    Summit Tech Set Ups That Won't Break The Bank

  • Lechon Kirbie

    Ethical Ways to leverage businesses that have larger audiences

  • Matt McWilliams

    How To Get more from Your Partners To 3-5x your sales

  • Kole Whitty

    Summit System & Launch Plan for A SoloPreneur  - [Prevent The Health Crash]

  • Andy Storch

    Leveraging LinkedIn & Virtual Networking Events to host a successful B2B Virtual Summit.

  • DrMelissa Petersen

    How To Craft Your Post Summit Offer For Your Summit

  • Dr Justin Moseley

    Getting High Level Speakers & How To Use That To Build Your Brand

Virtual Event Topics

  • Wendi Freeman

    Maximize Breakout Sessions To Increase Engagement & Connection  

  • Erin Loman Jeck

    Monetizing Your Event With The Perfect Pitch From A Virtual Stage

  • Ashley Fillingim

    Legally: You don’t know what you don’t know About Virtual Events.

  • Mike Kim

    Behind the scenes of a marketing consultant campaign of the new normal for a virtual event

  • Alexandria Agresta

    Hosting a Successful Hybrid Event: Engaging a Live & Virtual Audience at the Same Time    

  • Allison Melody

    Sponsorship 101: How To Build Your Sponsor Deck & Pay For Your Virtual Event  

  • Luke Wade

    How to improve your virtual event with an experience

  • Dr. Krista Burns

    Six Figure Live Stream Conference Reveals Speaker Prep Strategies You MUST To Know

  • Jesse Paul Smith

    The Attendee Feedback Loop To Create An EPIC Virtual Challenge

  • Kyle Gray

    3 Stories To Double Your Sales On Your Next Virtual Event

  • Tamara Thompson

    How Experience Upsells Can Cover Your Virtual Event Expenses  

  • Darin Adams

    How To Crush Your Virtual Event with Automation

AGENCIES & Producers

  • Viral Summits Agency

    A Look Inside A Multi Six Figure Virtual Summit Agency.

  • Zack Knight

    Creating Stress Free Operations Inside Your Virtual Summit Agency

  • Chris Gerhart

    Advanced Tech Strategies To Create A Superior Live Stream Conference

  • Lea Woodford

    How To Lead Gen For Your Clients Using subscription boxes

  • Luke Wade

    An Omni-Present Strategy To Promote Your Clients Event

Collaborate with some of the world's top Virtual Event experts

Why Attend?


Come together and learn what’s really required to get your message out to the world, with high-calibre content delivered through keynotes, workshops, inner sanctums, panel sessions and more.


Find your tribe! Meet other like minded entrepreneurs & industry experts who are making an impact in the world. Walk away with relationships that will last a life time.


This is not your ordinary BORING conference.  It's called "FEST" for a reason.  Get ready to have some fun and add a little party to the impact you are making in the world.

Summit FEST Live (HYBRID)

This year as we adapt to the current situation we are going to be running a HYBRID event.  Our Speakers & 15 SUPER VIP Attendees will be allowed to be in person in Orlando, Florida.  For all of our other attendees you will get a real time LIVE high definition interactive streamed experience.  Choose if you want to be in person or watch from the comfort of your home!

Come join us in Historic Orlando, Florida (or VIRTUALLY) for Implementable Virtual Summit/Event Strategies from the event hosts who have done them!




SFL Attendee



"You Need To Be here!!" 

Nicole Ware


"I've never found a better event to attend than this!!"

Scott Carson


Having small group learning "environment was so good!"

Rick Barber


Summit Fest Live - Come Join Us...

For anyone looking to learn how to get started with a Virtual Summit Or Virtual Event this is a MUST attend event.  Get implementable strategies on virtual summits, live streamed conferences, hybrid events, speaker recruitment, monetization strategies and everything in between.  The Summit Fest Live conference will operate in a Hybrid Fashion for this event as we have a small group of SUPER VIPs (15 attendees) join us exclusively in person with the speakers.   Super VIPS get access to meet, network and collaborate with the speakers. 


For all other passes get live streamed access to the real time event.  Multiple rooms streaming at the same time, in a virtual an interactive experience.  Ask questions, get picked for hot seats, participate in break out sessions, and participate in the evening VIRTUAL Events to network, collaborate and interact with other attendee members.   

Choose the option that is best for you.  An exclusive in person access to the speakers joining us in ORLANDO, FLORIDA or hang out in the comfort of your home, and stream live while interacting with this MUST attend event. 

Come join us to increase your ability to get your message out to the world & make an impact.  Learn from some of the world's top Virtual Summit & Virtual Event experts.  Get tactical & implementable knowledge.  Network with other industry experts.  Experience the culture that Orlando, Florida has to offer, and have a LOT OF FUN in the process.  Note that we are limiting the number of tickets being sold to this event to ensure every attendee has personal and dedicated attention from our summit experts.

Meet Our Incredible Sponsors!

Come See The Newest, Latest, Greatest Products, Services, & Technologies For Virtual Events.

Virtual Summits Software

– VirtualSummits.com/

Hosting a Summit Has never Been Easier thanks to this easy to use summit platform.  No tech skill, no dev skill, no team needed! 

Viral Summits Concierge

– www.ViralSummits.com/Concierge

A Done For You Summit Agency that Creates Summits That Matter!  A system that creates results, while making an impact in the world.

Virtual Swag Bag

– VirtualSwagBag.com/

Physical Swag For your Virtual Event.  Create an experience for your attendees they will never forget.  No Minimums, No Decision Fatigue, Pay Now Or LATER! 

Summit Genesis Workshop

– www.ViralSummits.com/Genesis

Strategize, Build, & Implement a profitable virtual summit in this 3 Day Virtual Intensive workshop.


– keapnow.com/virtual 

Keap is the leading sales and marketing software for small business owners that helps
them get organized, grow sales and save time.

Overnight Success Studios

– BeckAV.com/home

Overnight Success Studios brings in a rare combination of business experience, marketing and video production. They understand what you really need in your Virtual Event

The Evolved Performer

– www.shoeboxmoses.com




Summit FEST Live

– SummitFESTLive.com/

Join Our Tribe of Virtual Summit/Event hosts at this years SUMMIT FEST LIVE!

Become A Sponsor!

Do you have an incredible "Product, Service, or Technology that would benefit Virtual Event Hosts?  Then let's talk about what would be of value to you!