Attention SPEAKERS: You must have direct experience with either creating, hosting, producing or participating in Virtual Summits/Events to be selected!.

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Want to share your insights, tactics, and experience at Summit Fest Live with our audience?

Dear Speakers,


We are excited for your interest in speaking at Summit FEST Live.  This is a one of a kind conference that combines learning, connecting and EXPERIENCE with our amazing attendees.  We have very high expectations of the quality of persons we put on our stage.  Our number one goal is to provide our attendees with new, tactical and implementable information that has been proven to work.  We are proud to create a safe & fun place for hosts to come together and learn from the some of the top event producers, platform creators, and other hosts.  


If you have experience hosting your own virtual summits/events, or you've helped others run their events, or you have a special service that applies specifically to virtual summits/events we would love to hear from you.  We do expect our speakers to come ready to play full out, over deliver and interact with the audience through out the conference.  We are proud to have the top in person conference for virtual summits/events, and we look forward to sharing that experience with you!


Thanks for Your Support.

Dr. Mark T Wade
CEO Viral Summits
Host of Summit Fest Live

Session Types

We have two types of sessions which we are accepting speaker applications.  We have a tactical session or a case study.  Both will be 45 minutes maximum in length.  No pitching allowed.  Must be implementable and benefit the audience's ability to host their own virtual summits/events. 



Tactical Presentation

This is a 45 minute teaching session delivering an implementable and tactical strategy to improve virtual summits/events.  It should be specific to one main type of Virtual Event. (i.e. Virtual Summit, Live Stream Conference, Virtual Mastermind, Virtual Workshop, etc).  It should be informative with specific action steps on how the audience could implement this information.   PPT Presentation is recommended with easy to read text.  This is to be 45 minutes or less. 


Case Study

Have you hosted your own virtual summit/event?  Want to share with the audience the lessons learned, challenges faced, and strategies that worked?  If so you would be perfect for a Case Study Presentation.  This will be a 45 minute (or less) walk through of your virtual summit/event, showing us specifics to what worked, what didn't, challenges faced, and lessons learned.  This should be specific and informative insights that will help the audience learn from your experience and increase their success.  This is NOT an opportunity to simply brag or say "look how good I did".  It needs to highlight specific items that worked well, and what did not.   We are not looking for bragging, or self promotion, but instead sharing insights from your experience. 

Choose Your Track!

Our session tracks are set up based upon the audience who will be best suited for your presentation.  We have 3 main audiences represented at SFL.  Virtual Summit Hosts, Virtual Event Hosts, and Consultant/Producer/Agencies.  Please decide who the best person is to receive your presentation.  If you are teaching summit hosts about how to be a virtual event consultant this wouldn't fit.  So choose your audience wisely so we can ensure you are on the correct track and have the best audience for your presentation.


Virtual Summit Hosts

A Virtual Summit is an online pre-recorded event that is typically free to attend, released over a set period of time  with the primary goal of building an audience, influence and relationships with speakers.  This audience is looking how to set up a virtual summit which could be any type of summit (one-day, micro, multi-day, series, premium, etc).  These sessions are primarily interviews recorded in advance (there are some live, and variations) and then released at a later time.  


Virtual Event Hosts

Virtual Events are more focused more on live streaming virtual events.  Most of these events are premium events that require a payment to attend.  This could be a Live Streaming Conference, a Virtual Workshop, A Virtual Mastermind, a Virtual Retreat or any other type of event that typically requires payment upfront and presents the content in a virtual live streaming manner. 


Virtual Agencies/Consultants/Producers/Coaches

This audience is summit and event producers that coach, consult, or run summits for other people.  Example would be a person who creates virtual summits for other entrepreneurs.  A consultant typically gives advice, or runs virtual events/summits for companies and individuals.   An agency is running multiple virtual events/summits for a multitude of clients.  These are the coaches, consultants, and producers of virtual events/summits for individual hosts.  (not the individual summit/event host)


Corporate Virtual Trainings & Event

Virtual Events are no longer just an online marketing strategy.  Every major corporate business/industry has started looking at how they can add virtual trainings, retreats, and community into their offices.  This type of virtual event has a different strategy attached to it.  This year at SFL we will have sessions focused on how to provide (and enter) this incredibly large market place for virtual events. 


Virtual Experiences

The variety of virtual events has never been larger and more diverse.  From Virtual Whiskey Tastings, to magic shows, to sound baths, and even virtual art shows, this space has dramatically increased.  This track will focus on different styles of virtual experiences.  These could be short and simple or full day/weekend types of experiences.  The main focus of this track is on the experiential aspect of the virtual event.  



Let's Make Magic Together!

This IN PERSON conference is February 3rd - 5th, 2022 in ORLANDO.  Speakers MUST be in person and will be asked to stay at the event hotel and participate throughout the event. 

  • 1st April 2021 

    Speaker Applications for Summit Fest Live are now open for speakers to begin applying to speak. 

  • 30th September 2021

    Speaker applications are closed for Summit Fest Live.  No more applications accepted after this date. 

  • 25 October 2021

    Speakers are choosen to speak at Summit Fest Live and then notified on their speaker opportunity

  • 3-5 February 2022

    Summit Fest Live kicks off it's annual conference for Virtual Summit & Virtual Event Hosts!

We Appreciate Your Participation

Benefits For Speaking!

Thanks for joining us in helping build World Changers & Impact Makers through your experience & success.

  • FREE VIP Ticket for you the speaker join the full event. 

  • 2 Comped Tickets get 2 free regular pass tickets to bring your team or students to SFL.

  • Speaker Meet & Greet: Join us for a special pre-event opening night meet and greet with the other speakers and attendees.

  • Explore Orlando: Come see one of the coolest cities in the world with culture, music, food, and fun! 

  • 40% Referral Commissions: Get 40% referral commissions on anyone you send to the conference!

  • Photos & Video we have professional photos and videos taken of every speaker. Plus get access to your presentation.

    In addition to my abundant stages that I regularly place speakers on, I am also asked weekly for speakers on summits & podcasts. My first recommendations ALWAYS go to the speakers who have joined me on a summit. 

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3rd - 5th February 2022

Orlando, FL

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